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Top Ten Reasons We Love Trilogy Homes

  1. They are small… well, I can’t say I know that for sure, but they seem small because of all the personal attention you get during the building process.
  2. They are local and use local sub contractors and suppliers
  3. They set reasonable possession dates that they actually meet – I know, like what builder ever meets their possession date!
  4. They let you change things… lots of things… and they don’t charge lots of money for that… weird!
  5. They really pay attention to the customers needs! I have their cell phone numbers and can harass them whenever I want – seriously, I just text and get almost immediate response!
  6. They don’t downplay faults in the construction or workmanship. If I say ‘that doesn’t look right’, they actually fix it instead of saying ‘oh no, that is how its meant to look…’
  7. They seem to actually care about their customers, so they are either great actors, or more likely, they actually care even after they have all your money!
  8. Their home prices are great… well, mine was
  9. They actually build a great quality home for that great price.
  10. SERVICE SERVICE SERVICE… and yes smiles are free!